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  2. Robert C.


    We've changed how we store and maintain backups for improved security and server performance. Backups now run daily, weekly and monthly as well as retain backups up to a week offsite to preserve all of your data even in the worst of circumstances. To access your backups navigate to backup or file restoration on your cPanel dashboard. If your website is too large to download please contact technical support to process a full backup restoration on your behalf.
  3. Robert C.

    GASR Forum Review

    Thank you for your review!
  4. GASR

    GASR Forum Review

    We've been using LazerHosting for nearly a year now and the service is great, something we depend on with how fast our website is growing. The pricing is competitive and they provide quality support.
  5. Robert C.

    Review By OMGhixD

    Thank you for your review!
  6. OMGhixD

    Review By OMGhixD

    I have been an existant customer at Lazerhosting for some years now. Have had several of my projects hosted through Lazerhosting There honestly isn't anything bad to say about this service. Lazerhosting provides quality hardware and connections as well as top notch support. I can recommend Lazerhosting to everyone looking for a perfect hosting company to pick, This is it! Sincerely OMGhixD
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