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Lazer Hosting, established in 2011, is a dynamic server hosting provider known for its cost-effective and high-quality services. Based in New York with hardware in Equinix’s NY2 Data Center, we specialize in game servers and VPS, focusing on speed, security, and reliability.

Features include SSD-powered servers, weekly backups, robust security, and 24/7 expert support. Currently expanding into Eastern Europe, Lazer Hosting is committed to providing low-latency, superior hosting solutions worldwide.

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Your website serves as your gateway to global interaction, where engagement and discovery happen. Selecting the right hosting service is crucial, and at Lazer Hosting, we simplify this vital decision for you. We offer step-by-step guidance and collaborate with you to ensure every detail is flawless. With us, there’s only one way to proceed – the correct way. You’ll soon realize that choosing anyone else was never even an option.

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Powered by a mesh of 1 Gbps Ethernet connections and connected to multiple Tier 1 IP backbone providers, Lazer Hosting uses only the best routing and switching equipment from Cisco, Extreme Networks and Riverstone for maximum throughput. Lazer Hosting utilizes intelligent BGPv4 routing protocol to provide fastest, fail-safe routing. We route traffic to the fastest and closest backbone provider to achieve the best speed with the lowest latency. Along with full automatic redundancy of BGPv4, we maintain N+1 (needed + 1) network upgrade policy to ensure that we always have a spare router and/or connection available for immediate fail-over during unexpected situations. We stand by our network and service through our SLA (Service Level Agreement), so you can trust that you and your customers will receive only the best quality service from Lazer Hosting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re committed to providing prompt and efficient assistance around the clock, ensuring that any inquiries or issues you might face are addressed with urgency and precision. Our goal is to minimize downtime and keep your online projects running smoothly, so you can count on us to be there when you need us the most.

  • OpenVZ: This is a container-based virtualization solution, best for lightweight applications. It shares the host’s kernel, making it less flexible in terms of operating system choices but more resource-efficient.
  • KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine): KVM provides full virtualization, allowing for the use of various operating systems. Each VM operates independently, with its kernel, offering better isolation and customization options.
  • Cloud: Cloud hosting employs a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers, ensuring greater flexibility and scalability. It’s designed to provide high availability, allowing resources to be adjusted on-demand to meet traffic spikes or growing business needs.

Yes, we offer a 14-day trial period for our web hosting services upon request. This trial allows you to experience our features and support first-hand, ensuring our services meet your needs before making a commitment.

Yes, our Minecraft and gaming servers are online 24/7, ensuring that you and your friends can enjoy uninterrupted gaming experiences any time, day or night. We prioritize reliability and uptime, so your virtual adventures never have to pause for server downtime.

Yes, you can switch between modpacks on your Minecraft server whenever you want. Most web hosting services provide easy-to-use control panels that allow you to change your server’s modpacks with just a few clicks. This flexibility ensures you can always enjoy the latest mods and game experiences without any hassle.

Yes, the player slots for our web hosting services are both unlimited and adjustable. This means you have the flexibility to host as many or as few players as you want on your server, ensuring a customizable and scalable gaming experience that meets your specific needs.

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