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Affordable unmanaged KVM VPS servers providing dedicated resources, security and stability capable of being paired with various addons to further improve performance for your website needs.


Our packages

VPS Tier 1

Jumpstart your online journey with our VPS Tier 1

$ 15



VPS Tier 2

Elevate your projects with VPS Tier 2

$ 20


VPS Tier 3

Unleash maximum potential with VPS Tier 3

$ 25


What do you get

Why choose our VPS Hosting

Faster than the competition

Using only the best hardware available on a RAID-10 SSD configuration. We aim to ensure that our servers are consistently fast when it comes to read/write speeds. Need faster drive speeds? Check out our NVMe offerings!

White-Labeling Available

Want to resell our services? That's not a problem. All of our services are sold with white-label in mind. This allows you to use and sell our services as your own with no mention of our company name.

Upgrades, Backups, Migration

We do it all! We employ specialists in each of the sectors so you can rest assured that all of your data can be migrated, upgraded and backed up properly using the latest technologies!

Standard options

Customize your VPS Server to your liking.

External Firewall

Enhance your virtual machines and containers with our comprehensive Firewall and Security solutions. Take control by establishing and administering your own firewalls, ensuring an extra layer of security that includes robust DDoS protection. Safeguard your digital environment with our reliable security measures, designed to fortify your infrastructure against evolving threats.

Secure Your Data with Advanced Backup Solutions

Enhance your data security with our comprehensive backup options, leveraging Proxmox VE’s powerful in-house backup functionalities and efficient snapshot capabilities. Secure your critical data effortlessly, ensuring peace of mind and operational continuity.

Standard RAID 10: Boosting VM Performance and Security

Our virtual machines are equipped with RAID 10 by default, ensuring a harmonious blend of speed and redundancy. This configuration not only accelerates data access but also provides added data protection by mirroring and striping the data across multiple drives, offering our users a robust and reliable hosting environment right out of the box.

What clients say about us

Lemar D.
Lemar D.VPS Tier One
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Great support, always have the solutions for my problems. We are happy that we are doing business with you
Martial P.
Martial P.VPS Tier One
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I am a total beginner at website hosting / managing / adding content / WordPress, etc. and really hate messing with the site in case I break something. Whenever that happens, however, your team has been quick to help (and without making me feel like an idio!). Thank you.
Adrien R.
Adrien R.VPS Tier Two
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Great, my only word is the hosting provided is great, and it just works.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In a VPS hosting environment, you have extensive control over your virtual server. You’re granted full root access, which means you can install any software you require, configure settings, and customize your server to meet your specific needs. It’s akin to having your own dedicated server, but with the ease and scalability that comes with virtualization. You can reboot your server, monitor resource usage, and adjust your hosting setup as your website grows, all through a control panel that provides you with comprehensive management capabilities. This level of control is ideal for developers, businesses, and individuals who require a customizable hosting solution.

Our VPS hosting utilizes KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) technology, a widely respected and robust virtualization solution that provides a highly isolated environment for each user. KVM allows for the deployment of multiple isolated virtual machines on a single physical server, granting users full control over their allocated resources. This ensures that the performance of your VPS is not affected by other users on the same host machine, providing a stable and efficient hosting experience with dedicated resources to manage and run your applications effectively.

Yes, with our VPS hosting services, you can scale your resources up or down based on your website’s traffic. This flexibility ensures that you have the necessary computing power during traffic surges and can reduce resources to save on costs when demand is lower. Adjusting your plan is simple and can be managed directly through your hosting dashboard or with assistance from our support team, allowing you to tailor your hosting environment to your current needs seamlessly.

With Proxmox as our virtualization platform for VPS hosting, we offer robust backup and data recovery options. Clients can schedule regular, automated backups of their entire VPS instances, which are stored on separate storage nodes for added security. In the event of data loss or corruption, you can easily restore your VPS to a previous state using these backups. Additionally, Proxmox’s built-in backup tools allow for both full and incremental backups, giving you the flexibility to choose a recovery point that suits your needs. This comprehensive backup solution ensures that your critical data is protected and can be quickly recovered to minimize downtime and ensure business continuity.

VPS hosting performance and uptime are guaranteed through the use of high-quality, enterprise-grade hardware, and virtualization technologies that ensure resource isolation and dedicated availability. Our data centers are equipped with redundant power and network systems, providing stability and minimizing the risk of downtime. Performance is further enhanced by using SSD or NVMe drives for faster data access and transfer rates. We offer service level agreements (SLAs) that promise a certain percentage of uptime, with a commitment to compensating customers in the unlikely event that this guarantee is not met. Additionally, our active monitoring systems swiftly detect and address issues to maintain optimal performance consistently.

Our VPS hosting includes 24/7 email support services to ensure you always have access to assistance when you need it. Our experienced support team is ready to help you with any technical issues, configuration help, or performance queries at any time of the day. We are committed to providing prompt and helpful service to address your concerns and keep your VPS running smoothly.